If you are interested in booking an initial consultation, or simply have an informal enquiry about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The contact form on the right goes direct to our counsellor’s confidential email. Please provide us with as much detail as possible and we will call you within 48 hours to set up an initial appointment to discuss your case. Please be sure to state whether you want to be contacted by email or a phone call. If you are unavailable by phone whether a message or text can be left for you. Your confidentiality is important.

Family Integration Services

  • 50 Fishing Crescent
  • Brampton Ontario L6V 4S4
  • Phone: +1 (647) 893-8927
  • E-mail: info@fiscanada.ca
  • Skype ID: fiscanada (Web Counselling)

To Schedule your Initial free consultation call
+1 (647) 893 8927 or email: info@fiscanada.ca

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*If there is any situation of potential conflict of interest in working with the clients, a referral will be made for the clients to get support from other appropriate services in the community.