Anger Management Program

Family Integration Services provide Anger Management Program on an individual basis for probation, court and self-referrals, and is offered by a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS-II) and a Certified Domestic Violence Specialist (CDVS-I) approved by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). Our Anger Management Program is structured with 8-10 individual counseling sessions according to client’s situation and prevailing factors.

At Family Integration Services, We have created individually tailored “Anger Management” Program and course material for the clients involved in court cases which fits their needs and legal requirements. We can help you learn ways of channeling and converting the anger so that it serves you. As a Certified Anger Management Specialist-II, the therapist can utilize techniques based on years of research and experience with clients of all ages and walks of life. The techniques you will learn include how anger operates as an emotion, what triggers anger, how it manifests as well as tools to control your anger.

Anger Management Program’s Modules:

  • Module 1: Defining Anger and Anger logs
  • Module 2: Psychological and physiological aspects of Anger
  • Module 3: Anger Awareness & Anger Triggers
  • Module 4: Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 5: Calming Exercises
  • Module 6: Anger and Shame
  • Module 7: Taking Responsibility & Accountability for own action
  • Module 8: Relationship & Conflict Resolution
  • Module 9: Developing an Anger Management Life Practice
  • Module 10: Relapse Strategies and a New beginning

For court Mandated Anger Management Program, Pre & post Anger Management Assessment – Short Form (AMA-SF) will be completed. Anger Management Assessment – Short Form (AMA-SF) helps measuring program effectiveness by administering before and after participating in an anger management program. It has been created based on state-of the-art anger theory in conjunction with empirically validated and clinically proven concepts and practices. Designed to provide a reliable assessment of anger as a form of psychological pathology it has been found to be useful by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA)

For the court mandated Anger Management Program Participants will be provided with Anger Management Program completion certificate and detailed letter for the court only after successfully completing and participating in the program with mandatory home work (exercises) and readings and there is no extra cost for this.

During and after each session there are necessary Anger exercises, Anger logs and reading module material to take home for reading reference and it is expected to be completed by the participants before starting the next session. It is pre-requisite and mandatory for the participants to complete the required Anger exercises, Anger logs and readings to be completed for all the modules on time to receive Anger Management Program completion certificate and detailed letter of participation for the court. Participants will be provided all the material during the program.

For the court mandated Anger Management Program on the first day you will pay $25 which will include the manual and all the material to be used during the Anger Management Program including Anger Management Workbook and curriculum published by Growth Publishing and endorsed by National Anger Management Association (NAMA). Not following through with the requisite will delay in getting the completion letter and Certificate, and may result in attending extra sessions to complete the mandatory requirements.

NAMA- Anger Management Specialist Certifications are recognized by all courts. The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) is the international professional association (18 countries) for the field of anger management and related issues. Our Anger Management program has been accepted and approved by many lawyers and judges in the GTA and other surrounding courts in Ontario. Our Anger Management Program is recognized by the courts as a certified anger management program.

We have 100% success ratio in court for our Anger Management Program Approval and its positive results on clients’ personal life, legal case proceedings and case results.

We accept most extended Employee Extended Health and Insurance plans in Ontario. If you have insurance benefits that cover counseling from a Registered Social Worker, they may be used to help cover the full or partial cost of the Anger Management Program.

Our Goal is to help individuals find different ways to manage anger, learn control, and learn respect for ones self as well as for others

We provide Anger Management Program in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Urdu for clients’ comfortability and better understanding. It helps them achieving positive outcome for their involvement. Please request your language of comfort and arrangements will be made accordingly.

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