Confidentiality - Your Right to Privacy

It is essential that discussions in counselling and therapy are confidential, and that client privacy is protected.

All discussions in counselling are confidential, although there are some legal exceptions that will be explained at your first meeting. We follow the Ontario Association of Social Workers and Social Service Workers(OCSWSSW) code of professional ethics. All client records are protected and no client information is shared with any third party. Exceptions to this policy may occur only where necessary to protect the safety of clients or others. We will not contact clients on any telephone number or at any address if explicitly asked not to. Please be assured that all communication will be in the strictest confidence

No information is gathered through the use of this website that can identify visitors to the site. We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. We Do Not Discuss, Share or Disclose any information you have shared with us to any one without your prior written consent. Whatever you discuss and share with us is kept confidential. There are some possible exception to the principle of confidentiality and your conusellor will discuss with you during your first meeting.

*If there is any situation of potential conflict of interest in working with the clients, a referral will be made for the clients to get support from other appropriate services in the community.