Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program

At Family Integration Services we offer an Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program, an intensive 10 Individual Counselling sessions program for the clients, who have problems associated with alcohol Use/Abuse. This Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program is tailored specifically for the clients, keeping their prevailing factors including use/abuse of Alcohol and its adverse impact as impulsive decisions and actions and its impact on their physical health as well as individual, family, and community Safety (when involved in any criminal charges related to alcohol consumption including Domestic Abuse and DUI). All modules of this program are based on Psycho-social treatment approaches for alcohol abuse problems. This approach teaches client how to recognize moods, thoughts, and situations that fire up alcohol cravings, how to avoid these triggers, and to learn to replace negative thoughts and feelings with healthy ones that will help them stay clean. Our Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program consists of 10-13 sessions and would cover the following Modules:

Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program Modules:

  • Module 1: Alcohol Abuse – Starting a conversation Use/Abuse
  • Module 2: Alcohol Addiction, Associated Symptoms & Craving Management
  • Module 3: Development of Addiction & Stages of Recovery
  • Module 4: Withdrawal Management (Signs and Symptoms)
  • Module 5: Pharmacology of Alcohol Abuse (Treatment Options – Pharmacological, Non-pharmacological & Psychosocial)
  • Module 6: Identifying High Risk Situations & Low Risk Drinking Guidelines
  • Module 7: Stress Management/Anger Management and Alcohol Use
  • Module 8: Impact of Alcohol Abuse (Economic to Family and relationship)
  • Module 9: Relapse Prevention and Coping strategies
  • Module 10: Safer Families – Safer Community (Development of an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle)

This program is designed for the individuals for whom, Alcohol use has become problematic due to a complex interplay of genetic factors, life events, stress, sociocultural factors, and environment. Excessive alcohol use can lead to problems with work, academics, finances, relationships, health, and loosing your driver’s licence (When charged with Driving Under Influence-DUI). Whether you are facing a Domestic Abuse Charges, other criminal charges, or a DUI charge, you can help your case by seeking treatment voluntarily, because it will demonstrate to the court that you’re personally invested in getting better.

The main goal of this Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program is for the client, to develop understanding about alcohol abuse and their physical, social, and psychological effects and its adverse impact as impulsive decisions and actions.

We provide Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program in English, Gujarati, Punjabi and Urdu for clients’ comfortability and better understanding. It helps them achieving positive outcomes for their involvement. Please request your language of comfort and arrangements will be made accordingly.

For the court mandated Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program Participants will be provided with Program completion certificate along with a detailed letter for the court proceedings. These completion documents are provided only after successfully completing all the modules and participating in the program.

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*Our Alcohol Abuse Counselling Program sessions are eligible for Reimbursement by Group Benefit Plan (Social Worker).